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Event Schedule

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Event Schedule

It is the schedule of Sancheong Oriental Medicinal Herb Festival.

  • (* The schedule is subject to change according to event process)

Special Stage

Special Stage Time
Pre-dining meal


Sancheong folklore preservation society road game 17:50~18:00
Opening ceremony, theme performance (Calligraphy by Lee Sang-hyeon), opening performance (ignition of boiling pot) 18:00~18:25

Opening celebration


Permanent Experience Zone

Near Sancheong herbal medicinal shop: Herbal medicinal shop experience (medicinal herb cutting experience), wearing wardrobe of royal physician and women doctor, free photo, medicinal herb tea experience
Near the plaza: Medicinal herb experience (Making Yagwanmun drink, medicinal herb shape necklace, medicinal herb soap, medicinal herb air refresher), medicinal herb bubble experience, making medicinal herb pocket, medicinal herb pot, medicinal herb natural dye experience, anti-aging functional silkworm experience, caricature, different types of berries, lifelong learning club experience, face painting, straw craft experience, writing health Myungshim Bogam (“A Precious Mirror of Bright Mind”), exhibition hall of traditional wine Nong-ju, Sancheong craft beer experience, temple food experience and more
Near Sancheong medicinal herb market: Medicinal herb foot bath experience, medicinal herb bubble experience, snack zone
Public booth: Operation center, news support center, Jirisan National Park, Sancheong fire station (911), Sancheong police station, emergency management service, Gyeongnam anti-aging, Inc. promotion hall, Sanencheong shopping mall promotion hall, farming consulting center, Jirisan National Park exhibition hall, Korea Expressway Corporation, Jirisan Dulle-gil Sancheong Center and more

Dongui Bogam Village

Program Name Time
Religious ritual for spirits of Wang mountain and Pilbong mountain 09:30
Commemoration ceremony 10:30
Commemoration ceremony of Heo Jun 11:30

Other Affiliated Events

The 7th Younghonam Club Tennis Tournament (6th October – Public tennis court), the 32nd County Residents Athletic Meeting (9th October – Public Stadium)
2018 Traditional Market Festival (1st October – Sancheon Market, 4th October – Deoksan Market)


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